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Who are you?

Hi, my name is Jemma! I'm a third-year student of languages at Cambridge University, specifically Italian and Spanish. Although I started Italian from scratch in my first year (compared to continuing Spanish from A-Level), today I love both languages pretty much equally! I'm studying as an Erasmus+ student in Venice for my third year.

While I've loved languages for many years, some of my other loves are taking photos of cute things (especially planners and stationery) and geeky stuff like anime and video games. These things might crop up in my posts occasionally too!

What is La Vita Nuova?

Named after the famous work of Dante Alighieri, La Vita Nuova is a travel and lifestyle blog I created to document my experiences of my year abroad in Italy. After all, a year in a foreign country represents (for me) a kind of "new life".

I think moving abroad is totally scary, even just for a year, and it's something I might have never done if my course didn't require it! But I'm trying to embrace the experience despite my anxieties, and so far things are going pretty well. :)

The blog features not only posts about life and travel in and around Venice, but also aspects of student life and anything else that takes my fancy!

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