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Saturday, 21 October 2017

The First Gondola Ride and a Trip to Verona

As my boyfriend came to visit me in Italy for a few days, it seemed appropriate that one of those days consisted of two of the most romantic things you can do in Italy (although, granted, there are a lot...)!

If you're planning on taking a gondola in Venice (which probably 99% of people do), make sure to agree the price and duration of your ride before setting off, just to make sure there's no chance you get ripped off! Although a gondola ride at the standard rate is still a pretty expensive deal (€80 for 30 minutes), if you're splitting between friends (or even just between yourself and a significant other, like I did) it does reduce the damage that this rite of passage does to your wallet. I've heard that many people also choose to share their gondola with other couples or groups to reduce the price, which is a good idea too.

Even so, if you're travelling as a couple, I wouldn't knock the experience of just the two of you taking a peaceful ride around Venice – we both enjoyed it a lot! And sure enough, even though I was the one who pushed for it, my boyfriend agreed in the end that it was a nice thing to do together. 😉 So I say be smart, but go for it!

Arena di Verona
We had planned to go to Verona at some point while he was staying, so why not in the afternoon after a gondola ride in Venice? The train links are pretty good, so you can get to another city easily without forking out a lot of money, provided you travel Regionale or Regionale Veloce. In hindsight, perhaps a full day trip could have given us more time to see the entire city, but I personally was perfectly happy with what we got around to seeing!

Tomb of Cansignorio della Scala in the courtyard of Santa Maria Antica
Of course, the obligatory tourist sight to go and see was Juliet's house (Casa di Giulietta) – yes, from Romeo and Juliet! It was complete with walls covered in post-it notes, pen markings and other such things from couples proclaiming their love to one another. Awww! Slightly less cute and a bit more strange was the crowd of people waiting to be photographed with the statue of Juliet herself – with most people holding her breast. Interesting!

Gardello Tower (Torre delle Ore) and the Lion of St Mark Column on Piazza delle Erbe
The architecture and feel of the city is really lovely, with several wide-open streets, piazzas and shops. It even has its own amphitheatre (Arena di Verona, which looks suspiciously similar to either a Spanish bull ring or a smaller Colosseum) in which various events are held. Since my boyfriend and I mostly wandered around exploring the sights we came across ourselves, it would be nice to visit again with more of an idea of what spots to look out for, but we enjoyed the day thoroughly nonetheless. I'd say Verona very much deserves to be called "fair"! 😉

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