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Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Cutest Bookshop in Venice

If you've ever stopped by a bookshop in Venice with a couple of lovely cats and great photo spots, you probably already know that this small blog post is going to be about Librería Acqua Alta

If you love books (or cats), this is an absolute must see in Venice. It's a little bit tucked away, like a lot of cute places, but believe me when I say that once you step inside, you are surrounded by books! An eclectic, fantastic mix of old and new in all languages – and to top it off, these books are truly part of the bookshop itself. They're arranged together with decorations to creatively act as furniture and an outdoor staircase, and I assume they're also good napping spots for the cats. 😊

Spot the cute cashier...
There's a spot outside which is the most popular spot for photos in the bookshop, and for good reason. A lot of old books have been piled up to form a unique staircase which leads you to a view of the small nearby canal over the top of the wall. There was a bit of a queue for photos, but it was a nice atmosphere since everyone seemed very friendly! My theory is that such a beautiful little shop really does lift people's spirits. It's the type of bookshop that you walk into and think, "I just have to buy something from here!"

So, what are you waiting for?

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