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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Burano: the Rainbow Island

It's Burano, the Instagrammer's dream island! I must admit that I wanted to go to Burano pretty much immediately after I saw pictures of it. Colourful houses, beautiful photo spots, and somewhere a bit quieter than the main city – only a vaporetto ride away from Venice. What's not to like?

Actually, there's a lot to love in Burano. 

I was about as excited as those people on the right too.. ;)
You could easily call the island a smaller, quieter version of Venice which hasn't been overwhelmed by tourists to quite the same degree as the iconic city itself. It's also significantly more colourful due to the painted houses, which makes it more attractive as a day trip destination. I really believe that Burano will only get more popular, so if you want to go, go sooner rather than later! It's only small, so the streets will clog up quickly when more people catch wind of its existence. 😉

Bepi's House
As far as I could tell in my short trip there, the most extravagantly painted and colourful house of all would be Bepi's House (Casa di Bepi). It's a little bit tucked away in a smaller street but definitely worth finding! This was the home of a man named Giuseppe Toselli, known also as Bepi Suà, who evidently loved painting. However, he was also a lover of cinema, and apparently used to organise an outdoor cinema in his campiello with a white sheet over the wall of this very house! So it's an interesting little piece of history.

While Burano is very much a small island with just the right amount of things to do on a day trip and not much more, it has its fair share of obligatory cafés and restaurants to stop and relax in. I had lunch at a nice little trattoria where they cooked a mean pasta. 👍 But as always in Italy, good food is not so hard to find! Most of the day was spent taking photos, and why wouldn't you?!

To close, here's a picture of me acting out a meme! 😦 I had a good laugh taking this and trying not to look strange in front of the bystanders: I'm drinking "bepis" (read: Pepsi) in front of Bepi's House. A little obscure, I know, but it was all in good fun.

I'd definitely go back to Burano despite it being small, as it's such a beautiful location. The good news is that it's only a vaporetto ride away, and I'll be getting good use out of my VeneziaUnica subscription!!

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