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Monday, 11 September 2017

The First Day of Class (and Acqua Alta!)

Acqua alta: sometimes you can't see the border between the canal and the street!
I officially started my university life in Venice today with my first lecture! I was less nervous for it than the Welcome Day last week, where I met a lot of lovely international students (many of whom were just as confused/nervous as I was!) and had a pretty good time, but I still felt intimidated when I actually got to the lecture theatre. Even though I may not have understood every word of the lecture, I certainly understood the general meaning, which I think is the best you can hope for on a nervous first day!

Speaking of the Welcome Day, I was actually surprised at how well the university here helped me settle in! I was only really expecting a lot of information about the university itself, but there were Italian student "buddies" there to help us out with any queries (mostly finding various places), and the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) spokespeople set up an aperitivo event where I ended up speaking to quite a lot of new people! So although it was a bit scary at first, I ended up having a good time in the end. Next up: getting over my speaking-Italian-to-the-locals anxiety...

After today's lecture, I went for a general wander around Venice to see the sights at my own pace: the iconic gondolas, the Rialto, some love locks on bridges... Eventually, I walked all the way over to Piazza San Marco, only to discover acqua alta for the first time!

For those who may not know, acqua alta essentially refers to high tide in Venice. When the sea level becomes especially high, parts of Venice may flood, as Piazza San Marco did today. Although this example may not be the highest the tide has been, it was still something special to experience it for real – I only wish I'd bought myself a pair of wellies as soon as I got here...

An interesting day all in all – I'm looking forward to discovering much more soon!
A love lock on a bridge (and today's pickings for Instagram!)

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