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Monday, 25 September 2017

Padua (or Padova!)

Clock tower in Piazza dei Signori
With public transport links (especially trains!) being pretty good in Italy, it's really easy to travel around at the weekends or when you have a day off. Padua, being relatively close to Venice, was my first choice of day trip location for this year! It's called Padova in Italian, and I'm not sure what's so unpronounceable about that for it to be changed in English. Let's not question these things.

Padua Cathedral (Duomo di Padova): Medieval-era Roman Catholic cathedral
I'm not always one for planning out what exactly to see and when, so my day trips so far have been more of a case of wandering aimlessly around the city and exploring a bit. (Though Google Maps is still my friend if and when I need it!) Heading into the centre of the city, there seemed to be some kind of event happening involving a lot of children and a lot of bikes, and some speakers playing Italian children's music. A bit strange perhaps, but I loved seeing the place so busy!

Ambling around the city a little more, I found some nice cat graffiti, a quiet bridge over the river, and plenty of open streets in stark contrast to the narrow ones in Venice! After grabbing lunch at a café, I discovered Prato della Valle! It's a huge, gorgeous square, notable for its many statues. I was also lucky enough to get there while what was essentially a massive boot sale was going on, so naturally I had to shop around in case I found anything interesting. (I wish I could've shown my mum, when I was younger she always took me along with her when she went boot sale shopping.)

Two views of Prato della Valle

I also walked up towards the Cappella degli Scrovegni, which contains many frescoes that I actually studied during my first year at university. I didn't get a chance to go inside this time (and to be honest, I had forgotten it was even in Padua until I actually got there), but when I return to the city, it will definitely be at the top of my to-do list!

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi (on the bridge over the Piovego Canal)
Although I may not have seen all of Padua in my chilled-out day trip, it was certainly a lovely break away from Venice. It can be so nice to get away from the clogged streets and the tourists whenever you have a moment! I want to see as much as I can of this country while I get the chance, so hopefully I'll do a lot more travelling this year!

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